Petunia gives a kiss from her tower
There’s a lot going on right now at Beatty Farm as we enter the fall season. This SoMD weather is amazing. We’ve got a goat playground built, and goats and dogs are coexisting somewhat peacefully. I really love being a goat owner! We had a couple of hiccups in finishing the fence work to allow the goats to roam and browse, so they are currently getting their browse delivered by yours truly. They’re pretty spoiled.


fresh mulberry delivery
We just got our goat milking stanchion delivered today – I know they’re easy to build, but with so many other farm building projects and growing goat hooves, we decided to buy one. North Star is the brand we went with, purchased through Valley Vet. 


Timmy, pre-trim
So we’re goat-owning rookies. It took both of us to get a firm grip on his hind leg. With more practice and slightly shorter shears, it should get easier. 

As my pollinator garden’s blooms are gone, I’ve seen some wayward bees sort of hanging around, aimlessly. I put out a small plate of honey to try to help them out. Three days, no visitors. Today was nice and mild – they hit it like a buffet. The fail: innocently locating it just outside of the main entry of the house! It’s now been relocated away from the house and nestled between some sedums that still have blooms… 

Buster monitors the bees
Slurped up all of the honey!
In other news, I’m preparing for a 30-mile roller skate from Ocean City, MD to Rehoboth Beach, DE this Saturday. I’m raising money in honor of my cousin, Kate, who was diagnosed with early onset breast cancer. She has already undergone chemo and radiation in her first battle, and unfortunately the cancer has returned elsewhere and she is currently undergoing treatment yet again.  My best friend, Amanda, designed a gorgeous logo that incorporates Kate’s favorite flower, hydrangea. I’ve been able to raise $5,600 through the incredible generosity of so many people. All proceeds go to Kate’s preferred charity, Unite for HER. 

I also saw that Mary Lee, a 16-foot great white shark with a tracking device, has been pinging off of Rehoboth. She has her own Twitter feed, so I tweeted her and asked her to stick around and cheer for me. “She” favorited my tweet 😉 thx Mary Lee, and safe travels!

After the skate, it’s prepping for the husband’s 40th farm extravaganza and hosting hordes at Thanksgiving!