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Compost Win

imageimageI have a pretty big compost pile, comprised of loads of leaves, brush whackings, kitchen scraps, really old horse manure from the previous owner’s horses, the usual. I haven’t upgraded to a barrel storage system yet, so turning it is pretty heavy stuff. I tossed a couple of gnarled, unconventional gourds and pumpkins in there long after Halloween. I just chucked them over the fence, just adding to the pile of undecomposed yard refuse. I now have a glorious, immense vine patch that is flowering and has a new young’un. Hoping it has a chance to develop before the deer figure out it’s there. Hopefully all of the fresh corn ears around here will keep them busy. Sometimes nice things happen with complete lack of effort. Guess I’ve got good garden gold in there somewhere.


From 800 square feet to 8 acres…

I’m excited to join the blogosphere — I’m new to blogging, so “fumbling” may indeed be the appropriate term as I start this process.

I’ve lived in southern Maryland with my husband for two years after spending nearly 15 years in the city. It’s been a real lifestyle change, all for the better except the gnarly commute I have. Coming home to rolling fields and old tobacco barns is quite lovely.

I’m a zookeeper/retired roller derby skater/animal geek. My husband told me if we moved out of the city, we could get as many animals as I wanted. Dangerous words… we are slowly building our menagerie at our farm. We are in final fence mode for when we get four Nubian goats in August. I can’t wait to have some lady goats, but I’m not looking forward to the introduction of our three hound mixes to said goats. I’ve got a plan that’s pretty solid but we’ll see how it goes. Our hounds can be pretty “howly.” Our next steps are acquiring chickens and growing hops. The goats will be utilized to clear brush mainly, thereby eliminating my job of using a bad-ass machete like I have been doing.

My hope is to share some stories about the glories and pitfalls as I fumble through farm life, married life, zoo life, and roller skating.

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